Indiegogo RPG Campaign – Indivisible – $2,048,750

One of the greatest things about crowdfunding is that all game developers have the ability to get the funds they need right from the audience. While not all games achieve success on IndieGoGo or any other similar platform, there’s no denying that Indivisible is one of the titles that did manage to bring in front outstanding success!

The game raised $2,048,750 and it’s one of the titles that managed to accumulate a good amount of money from this platform. The interesting thing about Indivisible is that it’s a game created by the developers behind Skullgirls. Although Skullgirls pertained to another genre, it’s clear that Indivisible does keep some of the core ideas and interesting features created by this developer.

Indivisible is a side-scrolling RPG, which means you will get to explore a massive world, face a wide array of enemies and also level up your character and improve her abilities. Yes, the main character in Indivisible is Ajna, a lady that wants to do all in her power to defend her home at all costs.

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As you play through Indivisible, you get to navigate massive game worlds and you can easily battle monsters in a very fun, fast-paced and exhilarating combat. It’s safe to say that Indivisible does a very good job at keeping the battle system fresh and it also brings you a ton of joy to begin with.

The world of Indivisible is designed to be visually astounding. While you can play the prototype to get some feel for the game world, the concept art shows how varied these locations will be. Since the game will be out sooner rather than later, you are definitely going to be excited by the mesmerizing visual style and the wide variety of worlds that you will explore here.

Thankfully, you will have a lot of enemies to eliminate as well. The monsters you can find in Indivisible are inspired by the international mythology. The game also puts its own spin on some of the creatures in order to make them more fun and interesting to play against.

The game introduces an idea named Incarnations. You get to absorb other people and their abilities. This way you can access new abilities and weapons, something that can be quite exciting and fun if you want to finish the game.

Since you control a four-person party, you will always be very impressed with the unique attention to detail and quality delivered here. The game does an amazing job when it comes to keeping the experience fun and distinct each time you play.

You will definitely enjoy Indivisible if you like side scrolling games focused on exploration and leveling up your characters. There’s a lot of fun to be had with the RPG system, not to mention that the game’s battle system is very fun to understand and use as well. Overall, Indivisible shows a lot of promise and it’s easy to see why so many people chose to back it up.

Delivery: January 2018.

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